Wrapped Around Her Finger

“Mommy, do you have any string?”
“I’m sure I do, what kind of string?”
“Um, like yarn. Fat yarn.”
“Yes, I have that. Why don’t you grab your blue yarn, it’s in your room.”
“Well, I want to use that only for finger knitting only.”
“Well, what do you want this yarn for?”
“For wrapping around my toes.”

Remember that? I can remember taking a piece of string and wrapping it methodically around my finger until the tip turned purple. And being warned repeatedly by my mother and father of the folly of this. I even remember tears and panic at not being able to get the string off fast enough when my finger started to hurt.

“Why do you want to do that?” I ask casually, because I can’t for the life of me remember why I did it.
“Because it’s fun.”
“Well, it’s really not good for your body. You could really hurt your toe or your finger by wrapping string or yarn around it.”

I say this, and I know it won’t matter. I’ll find her, sometime soon, wrapping a string too tightly around one of her tiny appendages.

Because this is what kids do.

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  1. sandraw2580 says

    So adorable! I remember my nephew sucking on his left arm leaving a bruise. I use to do that as well even though they say its not a good thing to do, I didn’t stop my nephew because he should experience things that only kids do.
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  2. Aishiteru says

    Haha!I remember my old days too when I love doing this.. My mom always telling me that is bad but I can’t help it.. It is being my habit.. Thanks for sharing your stories to us.. Keep it up!
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